Funeral floristry Katowice. Types of compositions.

Funeral floristry comprises two groups of products: funeral and grave compositions.

More often than not, the choice of flowers to accompany a final farewell is determined by a number of factors, including, but not limited to, degree of relationship, relationship and also personal preference, budget or transport time to the burial site.

In this post, I will characterize the popular types of funeral compositions that pay respect and remembrance, paying tribute to the deceased.


In other words, it is a bouquet (flowers laid flat, with the stems visible, without access to water).

The flowers usually form a drop or equilateral triangle shape. Nowadays there is a move away from heavy spruce bases, replacing them with light seasonal greens, elegant eucalyptus, thuyas. Bouquets made this way are much more aesthetically pleasing and manageable. The only additions can be a black mourning ribbon, a sash with the inscription Last Goodbye, black paper surrounding the bouquet, a personalised form of sash.

Nowadays, the addition of a symbolic black ribbon is increasingly chosen.

The bouquet is the lightest and cheapest type of composition. Prices start at around PLN 79.

An example of a minimalist proposal e.g. lily bouquets

FUNERAL PALM (composition in florets)

It is an intermediate form between the large wreath and the funeral bouquet.

A palm, like a wreath, is a type of composition using floret - a technical frame that consists of a florist sponge soaked in water and a handle to transport the composition. The soaked sponge extends the life of the flowers even by a few days. It also makes the composition heavier than a bouquet, where no floret is used, but lighter than a wreath, which has one large floret or two, depending on the number of flowers in the composition. Only in the case of a wreath is a stand helpful, on which the weight is supported and the composition is properly exposed.

The shape of the composition of the so-called Palm includes the shape of a drop, the outlined shape of a cross through prominent flowers in the outline of the form or an oval.


It is the custom to send flowers to the family of the deceased. The bouquet is accompanied by a card or card of condolence with expressions of grief and sympathy. The flowers used in the bouquet are subdued, classically arranged. They express remembrance and respect.


It represents the oldest form of decoration with flowers and greenery. It symbolises the immortality of the soul, the endless love for the deceased. The wreath is most often ordered for a family funeral or a state ceremony.

Based on the material used (quantity and weight), wreaths are divided into light and heavy, and by shape: round, semi-circular, solid or hollow (the so-called Roman wreath), in the shape of a full heart filled to the brim with flowers or a visually lighter hollow heart shape.

In the case of a wreath, a stand on which the weight rests and the composition is properly exposed is helpful. However, this is not the rule.


Due to their small size, these are mostly small compositions in the form of a pin attached to the lid. An urn inserted into the empty space of a small garland, where taller flowers form the background and surround the urn, looks very nice. Garland on a sponge base designed for live flowers.

An example arrangement can be found here. Floral decoration of an urn. It is possible to match the form and colour of the container.

You can also make an arrangement that is placed next to the urn, e.g. in the shape of a heart or a circle.


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