Forests in a jar - advantages

Listen to the rustling of leaves and the singing of birds, get lost in the scent of fresh moss. Here is a forest in a jar - a miniature of nature. Just unscrew the lid to open the gate to the microscopic world of forest harmony 🙂 .

Forests in a Jar is something of a miniature of natural ecosystems, contained in glass vessels.

 They consist of a variety of plant species, moss, layers of soil. They can be classified as so-called tropical forests - sealed with a cork and open without a lid, e.g. in the form of desert arrangements. In both variants, the plants are selected according to their requirements, achieving completely different effects due to the natural climatic conditions of the specific plant group.

An attractive decorative element - enriches and enlivens the environment.

Nature has a calming effect and can effectively help you to relax. Contribute to an improved mood, if only for a moment to take your eyes off the computer, the phone.

It takes up very little space.

You can successfully place the vessel on a table, desk, shelf or even a windowsill - (selecting the forest in the jar so as to provide optimum care conditions for the plants).

I include a note with every forest I make, so that there is no doubt about what to look out for, so that the care will yield the best results and the mini ecosystem will be enjoyed for years to come.

lasy w jłoju katowice

It can be an educational tool to help raise environmental awareness, especially among the youngest.

Getting close to nature, including nurturing the forest, is a reminder and a factor that can sensitise, contributing to caring for nature. By observing the micro-environment in the glass, it is easier to understand how sustainable ecosystems function, the importance of the relationships between different organisms and the consequences of disrupting them.

Forests in a Jar is a unique alternative to traditional gifts.

With them, you can give a gift of nature to a loved one in a form that will last for many years. It will be a special keepsake thanks to personalisation, such as a unique dedication on a stone. A naturally arranged forest is a real feast for the eyes 🙂 .

lasy w jłoju katowice

Easy to maintain and easy to do yourself.

A tightly sealed ecosystem will manage itself, without much human intervention. Closed in glass, plants carry out photosynthesis. Water circulates in a closed loop, evaporates and condenses. The oxygen produced by the plants is consumed by bacteria, which then produce carbon dioxide. The bacteria also have the task of breaking down dead plant parts, which they convert into nutrients.

It is important to know that at the very beginning, planting requires a period of adaptation to the new conditions; only after a certain time can we speak of self-sufficiency.

Forests in a Jar, are available stationary at my florist at 42 Józefowska Street in Katowice. We can also make them together at workshops.

You're welcome 🙂 .


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