Kosz ombre

Here is my interpretation of a basket full of flowers - captured in unique tonal transitions - ombre. It's a grand way of showcasing the beauty of flowers in a timeless basket.

The variety of flowers, shades in this combination is an ideal proposition when we want to make a great impression, to delight, to be remembered.

Flowers in this form are handy because it works in any situation (they are placed in a floral sponge with access to water).

Pictured is the medium variant

The pictures are an illustration of the order. It is virtually impossible to reflect the proposal in the same way, due to the limited durability and availability of flowers. However, I assure you that I will do my best to show the nature of the order.

od   249,00 

flower care


Prepare the WATER

- with the addition of a flower conditioner.


- slightly open the flowers in the composition and with a small stream pour water into the sponge, trying not to wet the flowers and the box (the amount of water depends on the number of flowers in the composition) - for a medium-sized box there is about 1/2 cup of water

Provide adequate space

- position flowers away from direct sunlight, heat source, draughts, proximity to fruit.