Bukiet impresja

A variety of shades dominate the bouquet, from pastels to intense colours, creating a dynamic and vibrant composition.
Flowers of various shapes and sizes weave together to create a picturesque mix, similar to free brushstrokes. Flowers in shades of purple, yellow, blue, red and green can be found, giving it character and energy.
This bouquet is not only pleasing to the eyes with its variety of colours, but also captures the spirit of impressionist painting, where light, shadow and colours intertwine to form an emotional whole.
This is the perfect way to bring the magic of impressionism into the space of everyday life.

Pictured is the medium variant.

The pictures are an illustration of the order. It is virtually impossible to reflect the proposal in the same way, due to the limited durability and availability of flowers. However, I assure you that I will do my best to show the nature of the order.

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Florist W Korcu Maku cut flower care | bouquets


Prepare the vase

- Keep in proportion to the bouquet. Wash the vase thoroughly with detergent. Pour in the distilled water, immerse about 1/3 of the stems (below the binding point in the bouquet)

Support your flowers with nutrients

- use a preparation dedicated to cut flowers.

Cut the ends of the stems at a 45-degree angle

- use a knife or secateurs, allowing the plants to better absorb water and nutrients.

Provide adequate space

- position flowers away from direct sunlight, heat source, draughts, proximity to fruit.

Change the water regularly

- Every day or every 2-3 days if a conditioner is used.