Bukiet ślubny z róż Mundial

In a classic, elegant and minimalist form - the Mundial rose, looks very attractive.

The incomplete dome shape, but only a subtle outline adds more freedom, is less obvious. A ribbon in a similar shade to the roses, only loosely tied and let loose is the so-called dot over the i here, adding character, charm and grace.

A few words about the buttonhole

The word buttonhole itself refers to the hole in the lapel of a jacket into which an ornament is inserted.
It is also the name of the floral decoration of the groom/wedding party. It is a miniature bouquet or single flower that is pinned to the suit on the left side on the lapel of the jacket.

The price of a buttonhole is £20

When ordering a buttonhole, you will receive a spare free of charge 😊

The pictures are an illustration of the order. It is virtually impossible to reflect the proposal in the same way, due to the limited durability and availability of flowers. However, I assure you that I will do my best to show the nature of the order.


Available on back-order