Palma w jasnej tonacji

A subtle, cream-coloured drop-shaped composition made of eustoms, roses and carnations.
The flowers are complemented by seasonal greenery.

Pictured is the large variant.

The proposal does not require a stand, it is only dedicated to the large wreath form.
The palm tree is made on a floret structure with a handle to carry it, with flower access to the water.

It is possible to include a black ribbon, a printed sash with the inscription of the last goodbye or a sash to personalise the created composition. I will write the inscription by hand, in clear and elegant printed letters. Its colour will be consistent with the whole composition.

The dimension of the palm tree for all proposals is the same, approximately 60 - 70 cm long.
The size of the proposal (abundance in flowers) is variable, according to the number of flowers/price.

For information on composition types, see the article: Funeral floristry Katowice. Types of compositions.

The pictures are an illustration of the order. It is virtually impossible to reflect the proposal in the same way, due to the limited durability and availability of flowers. However, I assure you that I will do my best to show the nature of the order.

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