Warsztaty relaksacyjno – florystyczne

During this meeting, we will take the topic of relaxation under our wing with head garland weaving.
Duration approx. 3 hours.

Exceptionally, I will be conducting this workshop with special guest Isabella W. Ocean, M.Sc.

Friendly atmosphere and creative success guaranteed!

Possibility of making a gift voucher for the workshop :)

In the programme:

part 1 - self-massage
Release tension from the head and face with a sequence of head self-massage and temporomandibular joint exercises to be performed on a daily basis, for the release of tension and stress.
Such work will give relief from headaches and neck pain, and the improved circulation from this work will improve your complexion and beauty :)

part 2 - floristry
Head garlands - an idyllic connection to nature. Wreathing garlands is an activity that promotes relaxation.
It provides a relaxing activity for the hands and a rest for the mind.
So in this workshop we will make sure to relax and unwind together in a slightly different way.

Date of the workshop: implemented


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