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I organise workshops for both groups and individuals (currently a bouquet making workshop).
The venue is the space of the W Korcu Maku flower shop, which gives the events a unique setting.
The wide range of material available provides freedom to create.

Group workshops are an ideal opportunity to meet new people.
A friendly atmosphere and my support in the creative process is a guaranteed success! :)

A maximum of 7 people will participate in the group meeting.
Termin będę ustalać na bieżąco za pośrednictwem mediów społecznościowych.
These will take place on a fixed date, once a minimum of three people have signed up.

A floral soiree or a creative get-together among friends, family or perhaps a team-building workshop for your team members?
I'm open to your suggestions for themes, workshop locations - there are plenty of creative solutions.

Feel free to contact me:)

The voucher can also be collected from the florist.

By purchasing you accept the terms and conditions of the workshop: Warsztaty florystyczne regulamin

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FAQ Florist Workshop, Katowice

1. What is a floristry workshop?

Florist workshops are meetings that offer an inspiring form of learning, focusing on the acquisition of new skills related to the field of floristry. They are led by an experienced florist.

2. What skills can be acquired at the workshop?

Gain theoretical and practical knowledge in terms of learning the principles of floral composition, flower care techniques, choosing the right materials and tools. Participating in the workshop gives you the opportunity to develop your creativity, meet new people with similar interests.

3 Who is the floristry workshop for?

The floristry workshop is aimed at people who want to learn how to create beautiful floral compositions, with no floristry experience, as well as those who would like to supplement their toretic and practical knowledge.

The florist workshop is also dedicated to people who would like to try something new, develop their artistic skills and spend time in a creative way.

4. how to prepare for the workshop?

The necessary technical materials and tools are provided by the organiser, such as flowers, plants or other accessories.

5. How often do floristry workshops take place?

Workshops take place once a month, usually on a Friday or Saturday. They last about three hours at a time. During the meeting, one topic is dealt with, e.g. garlands, bouquets, vase arrangements, arrangements in a glass dome, woods in a jar and others. Workshop themes recur periodically, selected several times a year.

6. Is it possible to organise a floristry workshop for the group?

Yes, it is possible to organise a bespoke floristry workshop for a group, for example for a birthday, hen night or as a form of team integration in a company.

7. Is it possible to organise integration workshops for companies?

Yes, we organise floristry workshops for companies. We run workshops for companies in the form of offsite, onsite at the company and in our florist shop.

I hope the above information gives you a better understanding of what a floristry workshop is.

If you still have any questions, I'm happy to help!