Warsztaty las w słoju

During the workshop - Forest in a Jar, we will take tropical forests under the magnifying glass to become completely self-sufficient and even long-lived over time.
Duration approx. 2-3 hours.

I will take care of the necessary materials, provide guidance and nurturing advice.
During the meeting, we will arrange an interesting mini ecosystem, housed in a glass vessel made of a variety of plant species, moss, stones and finely strewn layers of earth.
It will be my pleasure to accompany and support you in this process.

Friendly atmosphere and creative success guaranteed!

Possibility of making a gift voucher for the workshop :)

Why is it worth it?

- We will arrange a unique forest in a jar and you will decorate your own space with it
- Making a forest garden yourself is a lot of fun and satisfaction
- Workshop activities develop manual skills, spatial imagination, creativity
- Contact with plants promotes relaxation

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