Warsztaty wianki jesienne

During this workshop we will take autumn garlands under the microscope.

Workshop duration approx. 2-3 hours.

Naturally beautiful and stylish interior decoration.
I will take care of the necessary materials, give technical guidance and provide a pleasant, creative atmosphere.
During the meeting we will make an interesting, finely crafted garland for a door or wall using a variety of plants in the fabulous colours of autumn.

It's going to be very atmospheric! :)

Possibility of making a gift voucher for the workshop :)

Why is it worth it?
- We will create a unique autumn garland to decorate your own space with :)
- Making decorations is a lot of fun and satisfaction
- Workshop activities develop manual skills, spatial imagination, creativity

Date of the workshop: realised

It is possible to organise workshops for an organised group.
Please contact me by telephone.


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