Irrigation balls for plants - a convenient solution.

Have you heard of them yet? If not, I'm already explaining. They are brilliant!

I have several plant species in my flower shop that love it! I apply them like a magic ampoule to species that have a delicate root system and it is not advisable to water them in the traditional way or when sparing watering is recommended. This is how I take care of Eschynanthus Lipstic (epiphyte), Pretty Turtle, ferns. Thanks to them, they grow excellently.

Watering plants is a key part of keeping them healthy and beautiful. Watering balls have many advantages and are an effective alternative to traditional watering. They are gaining in popularity.

Ball irrigation is based on the principle of retaining and releasing water in the soil. As the soil in the pot dries out, the water ball gradually releases the stored moisture, providing the plants with adequate hydration. This is particularly beneficial for forgetful or frequently travelling plant lovers, as it provides constant and even hydration over a longer period of time.

They are available in several colours and sizes. I recommend the white ones, they are aesthetically pleasing and very practical. They take care of the subject of watering for a few days. All you have to do is pour water into the container and apply.

Another advantage of irrigating plants in this form is the saving of water. Thanks to its ability to store moisture and gradually release it as required, a significant amount of water can be saved compared to traditional watering but, above all, losses due to over-watering or evaporation can be reduced.

However, it is important to remember that ball irrigation is not suitable for all types of plants. Some, such as cacti or succulents, prefer a dry environment and cannot tolerate too much moisture. Therefore, it is advisable to check the irrigation preferences for a particular plant before using this method.

Irrigation balls, are available stationary in my florist shop at ul. Józefowska 42 in Katowice.

You're welcome 🙂 .


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