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Welcome to the questions and answers section. We hope you find answers to your questions here.

Why choose a W KORCU MAKU florist?

Carefully prepared bouquets made of fresh flowers is a priority for me. In order to maintain their high quality, I go to great lengths to carefully select quality at the flower market. Each time, I carefully search for unusual flowers, those that inspire admiration and will last as long as possible. My mini flower envelope will help you to do this 🙂 They also need to be cared for to keep them fresh for a long time, which I constantly remind you of 🙂 .

Do you need a particular species of flower?

Write me, I will be happy to help. I offer a selection of classic and original cut flower varieties. At this point, I invite you to follow W KORCU MAKU florist's social media profile, where I share weekly updates and current events or behind the scenes of my work.

Wondering which bouquet to choose?

I have prepared a solution. I have ready-made suggestions for you for the occasion with suggestions to help you choose the right bouquet. The offer is well thought-out, ranging from bouquets and flower arrangements for various occasions - from birthdays, name days, congratulations, thanksgiving through weddings and anniversaries, to funerals.

The proposed photos of the bouquets are an indication of the appearance of the order.It is virtually impossible to reflect them in the same way due to the limited durability and availability of flowers. All orders are carefully selected and arranged each time to show the nature of the order and to ensure the highest quality flowers.

What is the issue of fast delivery?

 We deliver orders by courier in Katowice and also in the surrounding cities, due to their close proximity. For fast delivery of your order please call me, I will try to deliver in the shortest possible time.

 We deliver flowers to homes, offices, churches, cemeteries, hospitals and other places indicated by our customers. I am convinced that flowers and services from my artistic florist will satisfy you and bring a lot of joy to your loved ones.

Let's get to know each other better 😉

I would like to invite you to visit my florist in Katowice at 42 Józefowska Street in the Józefowiec district. Here you will find many interesting species of plants, forests in a jar, pots, casings, macramé, soy candles, string flowerbeds as well as handmade greeting cards and my watercolour paintings. Lots of original gift ideas in one place. I invite you to visit this unique florist in Silesia.

Looking for a floral decorator for a special task?

I am and invite you to make use of my professional florist services for floral decorations for various occasions, such as weddings, banquets, conferences, corporate events and many others.

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