Floristic way

In this post, a few sentences about floral jewellery and my vocational path.

My love of floral jewellery comes from the fact that jewellery-making was once one of my future plans. When I chose art high school, it was this direction that particularly appealed to me. The manual skills I possessed needed a handicraft trade. Jewellery, sculpture, painting and drawing. In fact, I found myself in each of these fields, but I already felt that they were not for me. Certainly not from a professional point of view, but as a trial period.

Today, I return to those times with fondness and am grateful for the attempt. After high school, it was time to study art - art education in the field of visual arts with a specialisation in new media. To this day I smile at the thought of how my professional direction for the future was already supported by my education and experience. Today, leading workshops gives me a lot of satisfaction and energy. With the new media specialisation, I acquired the ability to transform reality into spontaneous films that show everyday life, which is very useful nowadays.

The very idea of further research and the direction of floristry was not obvious to me. However, once I tried it, I fell in love up to my ears.😊

I am currently working and developing in this industry for the 8th year. I have done a lot of training, taken courses and completed a post-graduate course in floristry. It was worth it, because today I am well established in my profession and ready for further challenges and development.

The work of a florist is based on flowers and contact with people, because through flowers I create a unique message through which someone wants to thank someone, to make them happy, to express their feelings. Flowers are the most elegant and nicest gift under the sun. Personally, I love to share this sunshine and I urge you to do the same. Give the gift of some sunshine by nurturing relationships. Experiment, put flowers in a vase or buy a plant and see how they work😊.


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