A wedding realisation inspired by the Gatsby boho style.

Wedding realisations are floral challenges for me and I love them for the opportunity to broaden my horizons. In this post I'll briefly introduce the story of the last one... It was magical!

At the end of June I had the opportunity to make floral decorations, much less standard and different than before. 😊 Let me start at the beginning, that is, with the ceremony venue.

The wedding hall - dworek pod Lipami, is a historic inn building, located in Katowice - Giszowiec. I had the opportunity to visit the venue earlier, during an initial consultation about the decoration for the wedding day. (I recommend this form, as it is the best possible option to get to know each other better, to clarify expectations).

A large, spacious hall equipped with a stage with a curtain, round tables, a wooden dance floor and burgundy curtains - this is an interesting space for equally grand floral decorations that will be cohesive and unconventional. They will specifically highlight and commemorate such an important celebration in life - the wedding day.

My idea of making a trial composition. Together, we were able to discuss the prepared composition, clarify the direction of artistic exploration a little more closely and find interesting, satisfying solutions, and trust each other more.

Idyllic grasses, drought combined with elegant white flowers and light gypsophila. These are the inspirations that were the starting point. In other words - creative, slightly romantic, elegant, but also casual, light. Just like the Gatsby boho style, in which the idea is to harmoniously combine two different worlds - a feeling of luxury and eclecticism that allows freedom, individuality and brings the possibility to experiment with different elements and combinations.

Very impressive compositions, they are very labour-intensive due to the enormous amount of work and the accompanying time pressure. At such times, the help of another person is essential. The number of tiny elements that had to find their way into the florist's sponge and, at the same time, shape the space of the composition was innumerable... There was no question of randomness here. Almost every element was important, as it weighed on the harmony of the entire composition. There was no end to the adding of pieces to the puzzle, but the final effect was impressive. And that was exactly the point:)

Flowers at a wedding are meant to enchant and emphasise the uniqueness of the event and this is exactly what happened, which I am very proud of.

Elegant white roses, fragrant peonies and towering hollyhocks combined with natural dried plants, the addition of grasses and a whole lot of tiny white gypsophila filling the space created a unique atmosphere... The final compositions I prepared were spacious, abundant in both flowers and accessories.

Placing the decorations on the tables, in tall glass vessels, turned out to be a good decision. The compositions looked unique, light and airy.

They perfectly underlined the mysterious atmosphere of the venue, integrating into the space and at the same time complementing it, adding a new quality. The unique scent of peonies wafting around provided the finishing touch.

All in all, the preparation of this arrangement was a success. The bride and groom were happy, and this is the most important task for me - to meet expectations, which at the same time brings a lot of satisfaction and self-realisation from doing the job properly 😊 Thank you very much!


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