The magical world of floristry workshops.

Participants will have the opportunity to get inspired, work with natural materials, learn new techniques but above all create a unique decoration! Find out what it feels like.

Workshops are dedicated meetings for everyone. I am enthusiastic about helping you to take your first steps, I would like to reassure those who are not convinced, there is really nothing to be afraid of, it is worth trying.😊

Creativity and relaxation

A floristry workshop is not only about learning, but above all about having fun, a relaxed atmosphere and relaxation. Experimenting with a variety of materials gives you plenty of opportunities to express yourself. Faced with the new and unknown, we let our imagination run wild, get inspired and surprising results come of their own accord. I must admit, I love watching this process.

Such gatherings are somewhat therapeutic, allowing you to get away from everyday life and pursue your passions. Creating is also an excellent way of reducing stress and improving well-being.

I recommend checking it out for yourself 😊


This is a great opportunity to do something new and perhaps discover a hidden tealent within yourself!

The skills acquired, can be used in everyday life or even developed in a professional direction. This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your own horizons, find a hobby, relax or give someone a special gift!

Meetings with enthusiasts

A floristry workshop is also an opportunity to make new friends. Creating together is an excellent way to integrate and exchange experiences.

I invite you on an extraordinary journey into the world of floristry - flowers, colours, forms and textures.

The variety of workshop themes will hopefully ensure that every interested person will find something to their liking and enjoy the results of their creative work, decorating their own space with it.

I organise floristry workshops periodically at the florist W Korcu Maku in Katowice, both for groups and individuals.

A floral bachelorette party or a nice gathering among friends? I am open to your suggestions for themes, there are plenty of creative solutions.

Let's create something beautiful together! 😊


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